What is Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen?

At Hakata Shoryuken, we are proud to serve you our genuine Japanese ramen.

Hakata Ramen also well known as Tonkotsu Ramen originates from Hakata district in the city of Fukuoka, south of Japan. The ramen features a rich soup base made from high-quality pork bones, which is cooked for over 15 hours with extremely high heat. This method of cooking release the bone marrow into the soup and gives the soup itself a white creamy texture. Straight, white, and ultra-thin noodles are usually accompanied with a rich soup base. There is a unique and best-loved system called "Kaedama", in which customers can order an extra serving of noodles for only a small extra cost. Popular toppings for Hakata ramen include chashu, black mushrooms, green onions, bean sprouts, and an egg.


Come and enjoy your authentic Hakata Tonktotsu Ramen !